When you talk about the Internet, it is a subject that is almost never ending. This is because it rules our lives like never before. A world without the Internet today is similar to going back to the Dark Ages. Take an example of our day to day lives. Every doubt on any topic under the sun can be clarified by browsing the Internet, shopping from the comfort of your favourite armchair is now a reality and instant communication is established between remote corners of the world through emails, again through the Internet. Since October 1969 when it was first developed in the USA by United States Department of Defence Advanced Research Projects (ARPANET), the Internet has single handed been responsible for fuelling the digital revolution at every stage of our lives.

Given these factors, it is but natural that there is a huge interest on this subject from people of all walks of life. However, reference material on this topic is generally limited to specialisation on one or more facets of the Internet. On the other hand, we at www.seriousgamegroup.com strive to bring you through blogs and articles on our site the various dimensions of the Internet so that you will get one credible and authoritative source of all information. We try to include all there is to know about the Internet so that visitors to our site can gain an in-depth knowledge on this topic.

However, given the huge dimensions of the matter, we understand that it is not always possible for our team exclusively to keep up the flow of blogs on our site. This is why we invite contributions and write-ups from bloggers who have a great awareness of the Internet and can supplement what our team has to offer. There is no limit that we place on the areas of the Internet that can be explored. Bloggers can write on the origins of the Internet, how it is changing people’s lives, the latest innovations and technological advancements in this field as well as some of the unscrupulous ways Internet is used by many for their personal gains.

All blogs are welcome by us, so long as it pertains to this niche.